Progress, I dub thee “Boring Teacher Meeting”

I was in the most incredibly useless teacher conference all day.  I was, as I am every month in these things, with other freshman English teachers who were as irritated as I was by the consultants’ “Process” based approach, so we cut through the time-padding shit and did the required work so fast we had lots of idle time to talk and do our own thing, so I got some major restructuring/replotting done on Warden’s Call, which may now be part of a series called The Long Walk instead of The Wardens of Andari, but we’ll see.  I suspect a lot of that might be more in a future publisher’s control than my own, and worrying about that now when I’m still beginning the writing process is pointless in the extreme.  

Anyway, that’s some progress there.  I’m hoping to get moving on writing.  I have about 3600 words already, which is relatively nothing, but I want to get it to 8,000 and send it as my submission to attend Viable Paradise–though, considering that I may not actually be able to pay for it this year (not that we’re doing badly, but I AM on the pinkslip parade again, and the budget situation for my school district might mean I actually get laid off this year), so maybe I’d be doing better to apply for NEXT fall’s workshop–but what the frell; I might as well attempt it.  You never know–if accepted, I might be able to pull it off.   

In talking with the wife, the current plan is that if I AM laid off, I’ll work as a substitute teacher as many days as I can, and work on writing on the other days.  Even nine days a month would cover the tuition on my kid’s school, and anything else would be for bills and such.  If that happens, we’ll have to cut back, of course, and eliminate some things, but we’ll handle it.  I don’t think we’d be in any danger of losing the house, and if we did, frankly, meh–as long as we can still feed ourselves and not live on the street, I could live with that.  

I’d still rather have a job, though.  

If a writer writes and nobody reads it, is it a total waste of time?

I created this blog in a fit of “I will be a writer!” But the enthusiasm for developing an audience is somewhat gone.  I have these people in the industry who tell me I should blog, should develop a reader base, the methods of doing so, etc., but my introverted tendencies are getting the better of me, so I forget to post.

Anyway.  I finished plotting Warden’s Call, but, well, the last third of the plot is the biggest, most steamy pile of felgercarb (or dren) I’ve seen in a good long while.  So now I have to go back and rework it.  Ugh.

On the other hand, something came back to me in regards to The War for Earth, which might help.  And some other ideas have been written down and slotted away for another day. But for now, I need to fix WC.

Getting back to it

I’m starting to get back into a state of mind where I can get back into the writing.  I lost my “groove” for a while there, partly because of work, and a little because of my grandfather’s death.  But now the words are coming again, and I’m finally enjoying the process again.  

Someday, when I’m a full time writer,* I’ll work on the Scalzi Plan (my title, not his), wherein he works on writing from 8am to noon or 2000 words, whichever comes first, and then the rest of the day he can do whatever, from business issues to playing video games, twitter, etc.  

Until then, I don’t have that kind of luxury, since I have to earn a paycheck and take care of my little girl. But I can squeeze in a few hundred words a day, at least.  

And I will.  


*It seems silly to say “when” when I know as well as anyone that it’s also a big “if,” but let’s be positive today, mmkay?