Spring Break Day 1

I’m on Spring Break, and I really want to use the time to get a few things accomplished: 

  • Plan lessons for next week and the rest of the year in broad strokes
  • Get some violin practice in
  • Write
The lesson plans are partly done.  The violin?  Practiced, though I have lots more to do this week.  
This is not working so well. The writing, that is.  

I sit here and stare at the screen.  I have four chapters left to plot, and I can’t seem to make myself write the story until the whole plot is outlined in broad strokes–without that, I feel bereft of plot and purpose.  I have the feeling that I ought to just suck it up and start writing the second chapter, which is plotted, but I can’t seem to muster up the brain to do it.  

This day is a loss.  

On the plus side, my daughter just informed me, in her sweet four year old way, that she really likes how I look when I’m wearing my reading glasses.  

Published by Michael R. Johnston

Father of an eighth grader, high school English teacher, writer. Fifty years old and feeling almost every bit of it on some days, and not a bit of it on others. Based in Sacramento, California, USA

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