But will I love them tomorrow?

Got home with the bun and, since she was happily reading her new books, I opened up Scrivener and slammed out another 1000 words, bringing the word count on the WiP (the working title of which changes almost daily, so I’ve stopped changing it and just think of it as “The Space Opera of Space-ness”) to 5900 words.  Which means I have only 2000 words until I meet the Viable Paradise submission limit.  

The funny, or maybe even ironic, thing is that after talking with my wife, I decided not to apply to Viable Paradise this year.  I’d love to do it, but the money is just not there–with me staring down the barrel of being laid off, and my wife’s job situation iffy (she’s a contractor and her contract is up in August with no hint of whether or not it will be renewed), and our daughter’s new school tuition being higher than we’d expected to pay, all added to our desire to kill off our credit card and home improvement loan debts, means I should probably wait.   I’ll keep writing, and if I finish the book before then, I’ll start trying to sell it if I can or continue to write other things if I can’t.  

All in all, not bad.  I may write more tonight; I may just sleep.  Not sure yet which will make me feel best. 

State of The Book

Despite having plotted out Warden’s Call, I recently got a brainwave on Dreams of Earth (or whatever I’ll call it tomorrow) that fixed the problems I’d been having since losing the manuscript in the Great Disk Death of 2011.  This has led to a resurgence of actual writing in that story, and replotting of the novel, fixing a few plot issues while I’m at it. 

In the last two weeks (which sounds like two weeks, but really means two days, since that’s really all I spent on it due to Real Life issues), I’ve added about 2000 words to the book, bringing the total word count to 4700/100000.  Not a great deal of progress, no, but progress it is, and I’ll take it. 

Note for those who haven’t heard: Most of my actual work on stories gets done during the summer.  During the school year, I tend to spend most of my creative energy in my teaching, and when I sit down to write, I end up staring at a screen more often than not.  I’m working on that… but in the meantime, I write primarily during the summer months, in the moments in between caring for my daughter.  Fortunately as she gets older, it gets easier to write while she amuses herself, but she still needs me a fair amount.  Still, having fun and feeding my kid takes a lot less creative energy than teaching 160 kids who don’t want to be there.  So I get lots more done.  I’m also less guilty about asking the wife for time off to go write elsewhere when I’ve spent the day with the Bun. 

Anyway, that’s today.  I hope to get more work done tonight, but we’ll see how long it takes me to get my daughter to bed.