Why I haven’t been posting…

Many apologies to my… what, 3? Readers.  Who likely haven’t even noticed that I haven’t posted.

Life has been crazy lately.  The end of the school year is a difficult and stressful time, what with all the tests, evening functions I MUST attend, grades I must do, and the like.

I did get my layoff rescinded, which means I am still employed, and most likely at the same school next year, though I won’t know that for sure until the end of May.

I’ve decided to step away from the Grad School mess for at least a year.  I’m calling it “suspended,” but the likelihood is that I won’t go back; I don’t really see much value in it and I loathed it.  It also made me a bad teacher; I kept shortchanging my teaching work to get grad work done.  That’s not the mark of a good teacher.

I promise to start posting regularly again as soon as I can, probably within the next few weeks.

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Father of an eighth grader, high school English teacher, writer. Fifty years old and feeling almost every bit of it on some days, and not a bit of it on others. Based in Sacramento, California, USA

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