Monday Musings–on Tuesday!

  • New title.  Not sure about it, but the self-named thing just made me feel self-conscious.  I thought about “Pounding Nails,” but as that’s an allusion to an old play I saw once, I doubt it’s a good choice. So this one, obviously a reference to Lewis Carroll’s “The Walrus and the Carpenter,” will stick around for a time. 
  • I’m getting precious little done in fiction right now, because I’m grading a stack of papers about half a foot high.  I have about ten days to get all my grading done, then I have to grade the final exams, and then I’m free to write fiction for a few months. 
  • I haven’t gone near Twitter in a month.  Just haven’t the time–a classroom teacher cannot whip out a phone and post whenever he wants.  I expect to post more there during the summer. 
  • Tonight is the Open House for my daughter’s school, so not much getting done tonight either. 
  • This is the most boring post ever, so I’ll quit.

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