Is this the end? Or a beginning?

I’m considering something I’ve always said I would never do: participate in NaNoWriMo.

Understand, I see NaNoWriMo as a thing for people who aren’t really serious about writing, but are dabblers. But that’s not only pretty stupidly elitist, it’s also dickish, since what am I but a dabbler?  I have only a few finished stories and a shit-ton of ideas for more.  Three chapters does not a novel make.

So I think I shall use NaNoWriMo to motivate myself to finish the current work in progress.  Which means I’ve got about 95000 words to write between now and November 30th.

As a side effect, I will also be trying to post minimum three posts a week; more if I can.

Let’s go.


I’m terrible with money.

I’ve been relatively poor and I’ve been well off in my life, and I infinitely prefer doing well.  But I have a problem–when I’m doing well, it’s much harder for me to control spending.

I’m fine with the big things.  I know not to buy a new computer or a new Kindle, for example, until I have saved the money (or had a windfall).  I contribute more than the minimum amount into my retirement.  But the little things?  Those get me.  Read More »

Life… don’t talk to me about life.

My daughter turned 5 last week.  Other than that, life’s been pretty much a constant stream of “Get up; go to work; attempt to teach apathetic teenagers their own language, as well as logic, how to construct an argument, how to write effectively, and now, thanks to budget cuts, how to use a computer; pick child up from school, feed her, greet the wife, have dinner, spend two to three hours attempting to get the child to sleep, watch one show, go to bed, repeat.”

Very little time to write.  Very little time to think.  And every time somone says “If you want to write, just make yourself do it,” I want to punch them.  I’d gladly give up the one TV show I manage to watch per night if I could actually write during that time, but I’ve tried, and nothing good happens.  

Anyway, enough whining.  Back to work.