Late Night Revelations about my work…

Laying in bed, I realized what was missing in my novel–again–and began formulating ways to improve it.  As I fell asleep, my thoughts became my dream, and I experienced a scene that I simply must put in the book–cleaned up, of course; I don’t think the guy doing the pommel horse routine nude needs to be in the book, nor does the Klingon I saw in the background.  But the core of the scene, a discussion between two old friends that devolves–or is that evolves?–into a moment of revelation as to the greater plot even as it ends the friendship forever, is pretty golden.  When I woke up (thanks, cats), I quickly got up and jotted down some notes, then stumbled back into bed.  My notes are a mess, but they point the way.  

AWESOME.  Now I just need to find the time to write it.  

One thought on “Late Night Revelations about my work…

  1. Quick write it right now! Before it’s gone. I’d leave the Klingon in, for my own amusement. Just describe his features as if he were a human (or whatever is in there)…

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