On teaching, and writing, and why the one is interfering with the other

Still working on the VP17 submission, though with slightly less enthusiasm once I realized that if accepted, I’ll have to convince the wife it’s worth doing.  But meh.  Cross that road when and if I come to it, not before.

Steven Gould‘s third book in the Jumper universe, Impulse, is out.  It’s on my kindle, but I haven’t yet begun it, mostly because I’m halfway through Gaiman’s American Gods, and loving it.  Why didn’t I read AG before?  I don’t know!

Finals are coming up.  This is scary.  My tests are written, but I am so far behind on grading it’s just sad.  I need to spend most of my time on that right now, which means my own writing isn’t happening.  Sometimes I’m really pissed off that I teach English; why didn’t I choose something with less essay writing at the high school level?  I sometimes long for a desk job.

Oh… oh… oh, crap.

I realized today that I have met my mini-goal.

I had set, as one of my goals over Christmas Break, to make it to 8,000 words.  Not that this is a significant portion of the book (as I’m aiming at more than ten times that), but it is the maximum length for the submission guidelines for Viable Paradise, a writer’s workshop I want and hope to attend.  So now I have no reason NOT to apply.  I mean, hey, I might (and probably will) get a polite “No, sorry, not this year,” but what will that mean?  That I need to work more, and learn more, and reapply, right?

So now I’m working on the rest of the submission packet–an outline of the book, a cover letter, etc.  And for some reason, those scare me more than the writing of the book itself. So now I’m a nervous wreck.

On top of all that, I’ve got a training to attend this week, another next week, and an observation coming up soon.  And I’ve got students pissed off at me because they didn’t bother to check out a book a month ago when I assigned them a book report, and they seem to be of the opinion that I should have held their hands and taken them to the library, and they’ve got their parents on my butt about it.

Yay, public education in America.

And now you know why I’m a stress case.