What a difference a day makes…

So.  I took care of my sister-in-law for a couple of days.  Today was my brother’s hearing, where the judge refused to let him go without bail, and refused to lower the bail to $500.  So, with my wife’s support, and knowing it’s going to hurt us, I bailed him out.  It cost a lot, in both money and spousal currency.    

This means I’m not going to be able to go to Viable Paradise even if I get accepted; between this and the unexpectedly-large amount I owe in state taxes (fuck you too, California), I just can’t afford it.  But that’s a small price compared to the fact that I am sitting in my hotel room with my brother, talking video games, family history, life, and Just Stuff.  (He’s on the phone right now, so I can type).  And I’m still going to write.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get in next year and be able to do it.  If not… well, that’s life.  Keep moving forward; there’s no going back. 

This blog seems to be growing in readership; we’ll see how long before you all decide I’m boring as hell and run away.  

I promise, my next post will be more about writing.  


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