It’s official. VP is a GO.

VPXVIIBlogBanner-2-dkblueOkay then!  All is figured out, all is arranged.  I sent my tuition check yesterday, I’m arranging my flight today.  Then all I need to is steel myself for the painful but oh-so-useful criticism, prepare to suck up information, and try to be patient.

Oh, and plan for not only the classes I’ll be teaching this year, but the week I’ll miss to go to VP.  That part’s not so bad; if I get a good sub I can even give them great lessons that will actually be taught, as opposed to the usual “Oh my god I’m sick what can I have them do that won’t be a TOTAL waste of time?!?!?” when I need a sub in an emergency.  Hell, I’ll even write the lessons for him/her.

I still keep expecting to get an email telling me there’s been a terrible mistake and I wasn’t actually accepted.  My wife is probably ready to slap me the next time I say that.  But that’s life in my head, I suppose.

One good side effect is that getting that “Yes, you’re not a total loser at this” has reenergized my writing.  I’ve been having trouble forcing myself to work, but now I’m going like crazy, trying to convince myself to trust in what’s coming out of my fingers.

Speaking of which, I’m behind on today’s quota.  See you later!


Published by Michael R. Johnston

Father of an eighth grader, high school English teacher, writer. Fifty years old and feeling almost every bit of it on some days, and not a bit of it on others. Based in Sacramento, California, USA

5 thoughts on “It’s official. VP is a GO.

  1. I totally agree on being reenergized! I’ve had ideas bouncing around my head since I got the word. I feel a bit more like a “real writer'” whatever that is.

  2. I so very much relate to what you wrote here, about the doubts (except change “wife” with “husband”), about feeling energized by knowing that someone else has faith in you, etc. It’s absolutely delightful and yet uncanny how much I feel I have in common with our cohort. So looking forward to meeting you and the others in October.

  3. I have to say one part of VP I’m already really loving is connecting with cool folks from all over the place, who all share this passion. Looking forward to meeting the whole cohort.

  4. Yep, my husband is ready to bite my head off the next time I tell him I’m having inferiority complexes about being the “worst student” in the group. Impostor syndrome has a hold on me, big time! It only goes away when I start writing … or reading.

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