Things said during Viable Paradise

During the Viable Paradise seminars, a  lot of pretty funny or profound things are said.  I won’t be giving context here.  I’m sorry, but this post is primarily for my fellow VP17 students, and we already know the context.  I invite my VP17 family to add more in comments.  

“Plot originality is overrated” – Teresa Nielsen Hayden

“Your but zooms” – Elizabeth Bear

“The failure mode of ‘clever’ is ‘asshole'” – Patrick Nielsen Hayden, quoting Scalzi

“Don’t use a 20lb sledge when a ball peen will do.” – Scott Lynch

“You are a dissector of magic, Jim–a vivisectionist of wonder!” – SL

“Why should I believe your FTL when you can’t handle a firearm?” – Jim Macdonald

“Often, two or three bad ideas can be slammed together to make a good idea.” – TNH


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