In 日本語, just because I feel like it. And I feel like testing WordPress.

This is the “Ninja Counting Song,” from an Anime nobody else I know seems to have heard of, Yoma: Curse of the Undead.  I love it.  To be honest, I’m glad I also wrote it down in romaji and english translation, because I can’t actually read most of this now, and might have gotten some of the kanji wrong.  Or all of it.  I can’t tell anymore.

Honestly, I’m just seeing if the Japanese text shows up.  You might see a bunch of tiny boxes instead.  It’s been years since I could speak Japanese with any fluency at all, but it’s something I’m trying to get back and continue with… along with fifty other things I’m trying to do, like get my fiddling back up to speed and finish this damned novel.   I also found a letter I wrote to a friend in Hiroshima back when I was in college, but since I can no longer read it, I’m not printing it.

一つ一夜の会楢葉  二つ二人で地獄絵と 三つ、皆お殺しても 四つ、読み絵の道しるべ 五つ戦の地の雨の。六つ向きらとかわりゃせぬ 七つ涙も彼は手て 八つ闇路が解けてゆく 九つ今夜は周年よう 十ね遠い気を趣味そうめて。

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