The Scottish Personality

I did a search on “Scottish characteristics” and this came up. While I’m only descended from Scottish ancestors, and am several generations removed from that beautiful land, the description of the Scottish personality struck me as very apt, and somewhat descriptive of myself as well.


I’ve often wondered if a nation, or at least a culture, could be said to have a personality.  Is it possible, for example, to describe the entire Scottish Nation as though it were a single, homogeneous, person with distinctive character traits.

We’re all familiar with the idea of stereotypes of course, and with the stereotypical Scot: He of lank ginger hair and sickly pale skin. Constantly drunk, abusive, aggressive and tight-fisted but at the same time generous and warm hearted. Normally dressed in a Tam O Shanter bunnet, kilt and munching on a raw haggis.It’s an image that’s travelled the world, and it’s quite often there to meet we Scots however far we roam. God help us if we make first contact with intelligent alien life. They’ll probably claim to be descended from someone on sky and then try to copy the accent.

How much of this is true though…

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