Quick Writing Update

A scene in This Damn Book has been kicking my ass all week.  It’s a space battle, and I just couldn’t make it work.  It was BORING.  But I kept plugging away, and thinking, in non-writing spare moments, about the scene.

Last night it came to me what I needed.  I got into the scene, and with a combination of removing some words, rearranging some others, and writing about 450 new words, I’m pretty sure I fixed the scene.

Now, this doesn’t mean an editor, should I ever be so fortunate as to publish the thing, won’t say “Dude. This is broken.  Fix it.”  Or, hopefully, say “This could be better, here are some suggestions, go to work.”  But for now?  It’s at least not boring, and it does what the scene needed to do.

Next up, Chapter 8: A long walk, Anasazi ruins, and Big Revelations.

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