Book Update

So, back in May, I vowed I would finish this book before the end of summer. After all, I thought, I am home alone two days a week, and I have at least a couple of hours every day to write.

It turns out I was being optimistic.

See, first I had a metric buttload of Things That Must Be Done, most of which took up far more time than I expected. Then my daughter broke her arm riding her bicycle, which caused me to have to do a lot more for her that she usually handles on her own.

Then I hit a brick wall of ideas.

I’ve broken the wall, and I’m back to work, but I still have far less time than I really think I will on a daily basis, because six year olds don’t respect that you’re trying to write, and neither do adults, sometimes. My wife tends to want to talk to me, and I can’t very well tell her to shut up, so working at night when the daughter goes to bed doesn’t always work. I’m having some success in working earlier in the day, then going to do my required bits, but it isn’t daily.

This weekend, though, I’m going (car) camping, and for the first time ever, I’m taking my laptop and getting some writing done while I’m there. Not sure if it will really work, but we’ll see.

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Father of an eighth grader, high school English teacher, writer. Fifty years old and feeling almost every bit of it on some days, and not a bit of it on others. Based in Sacramento, California, USA

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  1. Fingers crossed for you. I’m also struggling to find writing time now that I have zee hunky BF. So much more fun to snuggle yourself than to just write about it. :/

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