The Work Never Ends

As I’ve said, the Damned Book, now tentatively titled The Widening Gyre (and that will probably have to change), is in Beta.

And yet, the solution to something that bugged me in the final chapter finally percolated through the grey matter.  Now, I swore I wasn’t going to touch the book until I heard back from the beta readers, but I wrote down some notes on how to fix that scene.

Then I sat down with my reference materials and plotted Book 2 out.  I’m not planning to start writing it until and unless Book 1 sells (or I decide to just do it anyway, maybe), but having it plotted out makes me feel better.  Book 2’s tentative title is Only Earth’s Rivers Run Free.

Then, because I need something else to work on, I conceived of my next space opera.  The setting is embryonic, and the book isn’t anywhere near even the plot stage, but the essential elements of that plot are in place.  We’ll see how it goes.  But the MC has a name, and a job, and a crisis to get through.  So that’s a good start.  Oh, and it has a tentative title, too: A Rage Across the Stars

In the meantime, I’ve got a critique to finish before I head off to Scotland. So that’s next on my plate, along with some home repairs/modifications I want to make next week, cleaning the place so we don’t come home to a mess, and packing for the trip.

8 days to Scotland.  Good grief.

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