The End is in Sight

I have finished the beta-informed revision of Book 1, which included some structural changes, mostly in the end of the book, and a few insertions where more of Character A was needed, or Character B’s arc needed some tightening.

Of course, I still have a bunch of comments in the Scrivener file.  Some are from me to remind myself to check or fix little niggling things that I didn’t want to waste time on during the major revision, such as “Make sure this word is consistent” because I changed the way I spelled it halfway through the manuscript.

My next step is going to be working my way through all of those comments, using the “View all Scrivenings” feature of Scrivener with the comments showing in the right hand pane.  I click on a comment, it takes me to where that comment is anchored, and I deal with it.

When all of those are done, then I’m going to go through it with a fine-toothed comb to make sure I’ve got as many of the typos and such as I can.  I’m undecided on whether I’ll do another beta pass, or if I’ll just start sending it out into the world and move on to the next project for a while.

And I still don’t have a great title for this thing.  As I’ve no doubt said before, the original working title is shared with a bona fide classic of the Literary Canon, so I’m not sticking with it.  I’ve been idling around The Widening Gyre, as it sort of works, but I’m not married to it.  But I need to figure that out before I can send it out.

Anyway, I’ve got some blog posts upcoming; then the school year is starting soon (WHY ME?).  School year notwithstanding, the next project will be an unrelated space opera.  If Book 1 here sells, then I’ll set that other book aside to work on the sequel–it’s plotted, but not yet written, and I need a break from these characters for a little bit.

What are you working on?

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