New Project: Rage Across The Stars

So, The Remembrance War Book 1 has a new title, Seeking Home, which will hopefully work better as I continue to flog it (but of course not to agents who already passed on it under the old title).  But I need a palate cleanser, and also I don’t really want to start work on Book 2 unless I sell Book 1 (or decide to Indie-publish it).

So I’m starting work on a new saga.  Like The Remembrance War, this one is intended to tell a larger story, and like TRW, it’s Space Opera.  But where TRW is all told from the point of view of Tajen Hunt, this story will be told by multiple POV characters on a much larger canvas, encompassing an entire galaxy, five different interstellar governments, and over a thousand years.

Current Status: Plotting

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