Some Thoughts on Game of Thrones S8E5: ‘Ware Spoilers!

When I first heard people bitching about GoT episode 5, “The Bells,” I wasn’t terribly bothered. I hadn’t seen the episode yet, and a lot of the complaints really seemed like they were saying “This didn’t go how I expected it to.” The biggest complaints seemed to be that Daenarys went “evil” or “mad” andContinue reading “Some Thoughts on Game of Thrones S8E5: ‘Ware Spoilers!”

Debut Diary, Part 8: Two Months Post-Release

Here we are, two months past the release of The Widening Gyre. How does it feel? Weird, man. It feels weird. I’ll elaborate on that, but first, some answers to FAQs: How are sales doing? I don’t know. I really don’t. I get sales reports quarterly, but because the book released two weeks before theContinue reading “Debut Diary, Part 8: Two Months Post-Release”

The One Where Michael Worries About a Deadline…

Lately I’ve been a bit panicky, because despite having a contract and a synopsis, I’ve been really stalled on book 2. But somehow I seem to have broken through my brain’s resistance, and now we’re getting off the ground in a big way. I’m still a little bit nervous, because I’m just now reaching 20%,Continue reading “The One Where Michael Worries About a Deadline…”

Authors For Families Kicks Off April Auctions!

Starting this month, I’ve joined Authors For Families, a collective of authors (and other publishing professionals) offering various items and services at auction to support organizations that seek to reunite immigrant children with their families and fight against inhumane immigration policies. We support: • CASA in Maryland, D.C., Virginia, and Pennsylvania. They litigate, advocate, and help withContinue reading “Authors For Families Kicks Off April Auctions!”

Well, here we are: Release Day!

As of today, The Widening Gyre, my little space opera novel, is (theoretically) on store shelves! If you can’t find it in hardcover or paperback at your local bookstore, you can either order it from them or you can order it from the links here on this site. Pick your retailer; we’ve got ’em all.Continue reading “Well, here we are: Release Day!”

Debut Diary, Part 7: Launch Week Nerves

Here we are, 3 days and change from release. I’m mostly sanguine about it, at this point. The book is written and printed; the audiobook is recorded, the ebook is waiting for release–and of course, the only part of that I had anything to do with is the writing. So I can sit back andContinue reading “Debut Diary, Part 7: Launch Week Nerves”

Book 2 Cover Reveal!

Here I am, writing away, trying to turn raw ideas into entertaining fodder, and–What’s that? There’s a new book listing? Oh! Well, then. Let’s talk about that. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the cover for The Blood-Dimmed Tide, book 2 of The Remembrance War. Nice, isn’t it? I’m really happy with this design; there were three possibilities,Continue reading “Book 2 Cover Reveal!”

Debut Author Interview: Dan Stout

Obviously, I’m not the only new SFF writer of the year. Today I’m bringing you the first in a series of interviews with Science Fiction and Fantasy authors also debuting in 2019.  Today we have Dan Stout, author of Titanshade, out March 12th from DAW books. Dan, what’s the book about? Titanshade is a fantasy noir thrillerContinue reading “Debut Author Interview: Dan Stout”