Monday Musings–on Tuesday!

New title.  Not sure about it, but the self-named thing just made me feel self-conscious.  I thought about “Pounding Nails,” but as that’s an allusion to an old play I saw once, I doubt it’s a good choice. So this one, obviously a reference to Lewis Carroll’s “The Walrus and the Carpenter,” will stick aroundContinue reading “Monday Musings–on Tuesday!”

Why I haven’t been posting…

Many apologies to my… what, 3? Readers.  Who likely haven’t even noticed that I haven’t posted. Life has been crazy lately.  The end of the school year is a difficult and stressful time, what with all the tests, evening functions I MUST attend, grades I must do, and the like. I did get my layoffContinue reading “Why I haven’t been posting…”

But will I love them tomorrow?

Got home with the bun and, since she was happily reading her new books, I opened up Scrivener and slammed out another 1000 words, bringing the word count on the WiP (the working title of which changes almost daily, so I’ve stopped changing it and just think of it as “The Space Opera of Space-ness”)Continue reading “But will I love them tomorrow?”

Progress, I dub thee “Boring Teacher Meeting”

I was in the most incredibly useless teacher conference all day.  I was, as I am every month in these things, with other freshman English teachers who were as irritated as I was by the consultants’ “Process” based approach, so we cut through the time-padding shit and did the required work so fast we hadContinue reading “Progress, I dub thee “Boring Teacher Meeting””