More Cats Than is Strictly Necessary

One of the lines in my mini-bio, which I am perhaps inordinately proud of, is that I live in Sacramento, CA with “his wife, daughter, and more cats than is strictly necessary.” Which is to say, four. And sure, four cats isn’t a terrible number of cats, but do we really need four? No, weContinue reading “More Cats Than is Strictly Necessary”

A little experiment: Open Questions

Okay, so… I’m no Scalzi, but I thought maybe I’d try to do a reader question period.  I don’t have a ton of readers, but if you have any questions about my writing, or (more entertaining, most likely) teaching, or what-have-you, feel free to ask in the comments.  I’ll answer in a post or three.Continue reading “A little experiment: Open Questions”

Writing the New Project

I’ve spent much of the last few days shaking off the 2016-2017 school year.  It wasn’t a bad year, as teaching years go, but it still takes a lot out of you. But, it’s over, and now is the Writing Time.  And the house-cleaning time, and the child-raising time.  But without work-time, those other thingsContinue reading “Writing the New Project”

Reporting from the Query Wars

Queried: 38 Agents, 3 publishers Form Rejections: 30 (28 Agents, 2 publishers) Requests for Partials: 5 (all agents) Personal Rejections: 3 Still out: 3 Agents, 1 Publisher Neither publisher got past the slushers, near as I can tell.  And that’s okay; I expected that.  I haven’t had a partial request since last summer, which isContinue reading “Reporting from the Query Wars”

If You Want Them: My Reactions to This Year’s Cancellations/Renewals (TV)

Lots of Renewals and Cancellations are being announced now.  For those who care, and maybe for those who don’t but find me marginally amusing, here are my reactions to them.  Note that I’ll only really be talking about shows I watch, or tried to watch, and won’t have anything to say about shows I’ve never seenContinue reading “If You Want Them: My Reactions to This Year’s Cancellations/Renewals (TV)”

The Book, and What’s Important About It

Who knew selling a book would be so hard? Well, I did, actually.  But this is nothing compared to the writing. Anyway, the book is still going around to agents.  There was a request for more pages, but the agent passed–said she was a “very, very tough sell on aliens, although your writing is good.”   I’llContinue reading “The Book, and What’s Important About It”

Old Books: Not Really an Investment

Note: While this will crosspost to Facebook, I won’t be seeing any of the comments there for a few days, as I’ve left social media to avoid spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  If it matters to you that I see it before Saturday, best to comment on the blog. Old books are weird.Continue reading “Old Books: Not Really an Investment”

Trump’s Ridiculous Proposal

Trump and his supporters are crowing that we need to prevent Muslims from entering the US, because we have no way of knowing which of them are terrorists. This makes me sick. If you support blocking muslims from entering a store or from even coming to the US, ask yourself this: would you support similarContinue reading “Trump’s Ridiculous Proposal”