Reporting from the Query Wars

Queried: 38 Agents, 3 publishers Form Rejections: 30 (28 Agents, 2 publishers) Requests for Partials: 5 (all agents) Personal Rejections: 3 Still out: 3 Agents, 1 Publisher Neither publisher got past the slushers, near as I can tell.  And that’s okay; I expected that.  I haven’t had a partial request since last summer, which isContinue reading “Reporting from the Query Wars”

Novel Attack Plan

I’m still working on The Widening Gyre, Book 1 of The Remembrance War.  Looking at my stats, I’ve sent it out to seventeen agents. Of those, six did not respond at all, which is the annoying way to say “no, thanks.”  Eight responded with form rejections, for a total of 14 outright rejections.  Three agents asked forContinue reading “Novel Attack Plan”

Angry Robot Result

Spoiler: They said no. Got my rejection today.  Here it is, in its form-letter glory: Thank you for sending us “The Widening Gyre: The Remembrance War Book 1”. The Robots really appreciated the chance to read it, and thank you for taking the time to submit it to this year’s Open Door. Unfortunately, this bookContinue reading “Angry Robot Result”

The Widening Gyre: Submitted

Yesterday (rather, at 4pm Monday PST, since the publisher is in Britain), the Open Door period opened for Angry Robot Books. And as planned, I sent my submission packet for The Widening Gyre, Book 1 of The Remembrance War. Now begins the waiting.  And the pretending it won’t gut me if it doesn’t do well.  AndContinue reading “The Widening Gyre: Submitted”

Checking in from Queryland

My novel has now gone out to a total of 9 agents.  That’s really not many at all, but I’m holding now until I hear back from a few more.  Otherwise I get overwhelmed.  Also, doing research on good prospects takes time.  Setting aside the obvious bad idea scam agents, there are some agents who areContinue reading “Checking in from Queryland”

State of the Teacher/Writer/Father

Teacher One of the frustrating things about teaching–and there are many frustrating things–is that I am often working with students who have a completely different set of values than my own.  I’m really really good at connecting to students who come from a similar class background to mine–middle class or higher.  But I’m somewhat less good at connectingContinue reading “State of the Teacher/Writer/Father”

OK, I stepped off the cliff.

I finished compiling my Viable Paradise application and sent it off.  Now I wait.  And wait.  And wait.  While I’m waiting, I’ll wait.  And then, when the waiting gets too much?  I’ll bite my nails, tap my feet, and wait some more.  Then I’ll wait again. I hate waiting. I know that the odds are stackedContinue reading “OK, I stepped off the cliff.”