Friday Fragment, brought to you today by WordPress losing my post.

I had a long post about Serious Business.  But WordPress ate it.  Damn it.  So here’s a fragment, Chapter 2 of The War for Earth The Remembrance War book one, which has as working titles Pathfinder and The Finder, neither of which I like.  As usual, it’s a work in progress, and I’m not entirely happy with it–thereContinue reading “Friday Fragment, brought to you today by WordPress losing my post.”

Saturday, now with 100% more Friday Fragment!

I’d meant to post this Friday, but life got hectic. It’s another fragment.  Originally it was just a brainwave that came to me as the death of Alex, the character in last week’s Friday Fragment.  This will likely become the final scene of a novella I’m planning to write, because somewhere along the line, AlexContinue reading “Saturday, now with 100% more Friday Fragment!”

Friday Fragment! This week: Chapter 1

I decided to start a tradition of posting a fragment of writing each Friday.  Sometimes it’ll be flash fiction, sometimes it’ll be a poem, other times a piece of non-fiction and sometimes even a chapter, finished or in-progress.   Some weeks they’ll be new, other weeks they’ll be from my personal archive, which means some weeks they’ll beContinue reading “Friday Fragment! This week: Chapter 1”