On “Leveling up” as a Writer

As an RPG player of long standing, as well as a video game-lover, the concept of “leveling up” is never far from my brain.  When I finished my first year of teaching, I called it “leveling up.”  There’s some truth to it; every year brings new skills, new ideas.  And not just annually; leveling upContinue reading “On “Leveling up” as a Writer”

Life After Viable Paradise – One Writer’s Path

The first few weeks–maybe even months–after I got home from Viable Paradise 17, I was filled with a righteous fire for writing.  Anything that got in the way of writing was crap.  I k new–KNEW–that it was only a matter of time before I would be signing copies of my book. You really can’t sustainContinue reading “Life After Viable Paradise – One Writer’s Path”

What Impostor Syndrome Looks Like From The Inside

Impostor Syndrome, the belief that one is a fraud, sometimes hits a lot of writers.  Most of the writers I know, both professional and not, suffer from it from time to time.  I feel lately like I live there.  It makes writing very difficult–how can you focus on the work when you’re convinced you’re terribleContinue reading “What Impostor Syndrome Looks Like From The Inside”

VP Directory Project

Fellow VPers! Some have expressed interest in a VP Alumni Directory. In an attempt to get that started, I’ve created a Google Form to collect data. Required fields are Name, VP year, City, State, and Email. I didn’t think it was useful to let those be optional, though if people have an issue with that IContinue reading “VP Directory Project”

Revision: How A Book Gets Better

So, I’m pretty sure this is a good book that I’m writing.  I mean, I don’t know for sure that it’s publishable, especially in the current condition, but I know it’s at least almost there. And it’s getting better. I’m now in Chapter 3 of the revision pass.  Last night, I saw that I ended one scene with theContinue reading “Revision: How A Book Gets Better”

VP Novel First Draft: DONE

Yep.  I did it. Not the first novel-length thing I’ve done, but certainly the first that has ANY chance of being seen by other people.  Lots of work remains before that point, however.  I need a revision pass, then beta readers, and then another revision pass.  Then I’ll consider submitting it to agents. This may notContinue reading “VP Novel First Draft: DONE”

Viable Paradise: Day 3, Tuesday

The morning began with our breakout critique groups.  My roommate Alex was in my group, and she cried during her critique—but the good kind of tears, as her novel excerpt was amazing and everyone said so.  Not that it was perfect, but that it’s damned close. The first lecture of the day was from DebraContinue reading “Viable Paradise: Day 3, Tuesday”

Viable Paradise: Day 2, Monday

Note to readers: While I’ll mention the topic of each lecture and collegium, I won’t discuss the specific information we were given; I don’t feel it would be right to do so.  We were specifically asked not to spread the recordings of the lectures many of us made; so don’t ask.  The exception: If anyContinue reading “Viable Paradise: Day 2, Monday”

It’s official. VP is a GO.

Okay then!  All is figured out, all is arranged.  I sent my tuition check yesterday, I’m arranging my flight today.  Then all I need to is steel myself for the painful but oh-so-useful criticism, prepare to suck up information, and try to be patient. Oh, and plan for not only the classes I’ll be teachingContinue reading “It’s official. VP is a GO.”