Why is this here?

Hello.  For those of you who know me, bear with me a moment while I initiate the newbies.

Ok, Newbies.  Over here.

All right.  My name is Michael Johnston.  I’m a high school English teacher, a husband, and a father, with the importance of each role rising and falling depending on my location on the Earth, who I’m with, and where the alien signals controlling my brain are coming from that day.  Wait.  Strike that last part.

Ok, old guys.  Come back.

I am also aspiring to be an author of science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories.  That’s what this blog is for.  I’ve already got a personal blog, which I’ve been using since 2001, over at Livejournal, under another name.  But when I thought about blogging about books and writing, I realized that I could either dig through ten years of posts about anything from my job to my cat’s latest puke to endless stupid internet memes I took part in, or I could start fresh here.  So that old blog will remain active for things I want to share only with personal friends, and this one will be for friends as well as possible future audiences.  We’ll see how that one works out.

Anyway, welcome.  Real posts soon, but right now my family wants to watch a movie, so Husband and Father wins out.