Life, she just keeps getting weirder

So.  I’m 41 years old.  And yesterday my paradigm totally shifted.  This is not about writing. This is about family, and yearnings that go back nearly 40 years. But first, some background: I was born in 1971.  My parents divorced shortly after I was born, though they maintained some kind of relationship.  The last timeContinue reading “Life, she just keeps getting weirder”

What is going on in American culture?

And I specify American culture because while I have a bunch of head-knowledge about other nations, I’ve only visited Mexico so far (You’re next, UK!), and I would hesitate to say I knew a lot about that culture after only two weeks there.   Anyway, what’s bugging me was brought on by comments on anContinue reading “What is going on in American culture?”

The world turns and times change….

And a milestone begins tomorrow.  My daughter begins Kindergarten.  Holy crap.  It seems like yesterday that she was a tiny baby sleeping on my chest. Because she starts school early this year (her school starts Kindergarten early to get the kids into the routine), I have two weeks of daily freedom before I have toContinue reading “The world turns and times change….”

What happened to the War for Earth?

I had this series I was working on, called The War for Earth.  The first book was Pathfinder, though I knew I’d have to change that before (not to mention if) I published, because a space opera novel came out in 2011 with the same title.  It was about a guy who discovers the hyperspaceContinue reading “What happened to the War for Earth?”