Choosing A Game to GM

My wife, and a few friends, have asked me to run another RPG campaign.  The request is to run a Science Fiction game, as opposed to Fantasy, though “space fantasy” could also work.

I did consider running a Star Wars campaign, but I’ve done that.  The most successful was a three-year campaign set during the Yuuzhan-Vong war.  That was a great game, but I want something different now.

But I’d like something with both technology and some kind of magic, either of the usual fantasy variety, or techno-magic, or both.  And I can’t find any kind of system for that I like in Traveller, which is a shame, because I love the system.

I’m considering Starfinder, the Paizo game that is basically Pathfinder set thousands of years later, but using only the rules.  I’d create my own setting.

A third alternative is the Mindjammer universe, using their Traveller variant.  I love the setting, but the FATE-based game rules confused me.  The Traveller rules version seems easier to handle.

It’s also possible I might go with something new and different, such as The Strange, or Numenara, which has a “science fantasy” feel.

Any suggestions of systems I should check out?