A Teacher complains. That’s new…

Dammit. Not only do I have to co-teach this year, but ALL my 9th grade classes are co-taught Special Ed inclusion classes (which I can’t stand teaching in the first place). I don’t like co-teaching even when I like the teacher working with me. It makes it feel like I’m not in my own classroomContinue reading “A Teacher complains. That’s new…”

How’m I doing? Well, lemme tell ya…

Let’s let the title of the blog guide this update. Writing It’s going.  Being accepted to Viable Paradise gave me some faith in myself, but that only really boosted me for a week or so, then it came back to forcing myself to work when I’d rather be in the hammock reading, or playing videoContinue reading “How’m I doing? Well, lemme tell ya…”

Thank the Nine! And the One!

Nothing like a little gratuitous geek reference. Well, my admin finally ironed out the issue with my fifth period class, and now it’s a much more manageable 35 kids.  Mind you, I’d prefer it was more like 25, but we can’t have everything, and small classes are a rarity these days.  But the kids seemContinue reading “Thank the Nine! And the One!”

First Week: Almost Over

First week has gone pretty well.  I enjoy my classes, except for one.  It’s not the class’ fault–it’s the administrations.  You see, I have 52 students registered in the class, in a classroom with only 35 desks.  It’s a fire hazard, and illegal.  They’re trying to fix it, but these things can take time, andContinue reading “First Week: Almost Over”

Why I like The Emperor’s Club

Most “teacher” movies are about how a teacher, usually young, usually in their first year, idealistic, bucks “the system” and inspires a group of kids.  They’re usually inspiring and cool… and total bullshit. Even the ones based on a true story are usually 9/10ths hogwash.  Jaime Escalante didn’t succeed with all his students, just oneContinue reading “Why I like The Emperor’s Club”