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Once a war hero of the Zhen Empire, Tajen Hunt has become a freelance starship pilot. When his estranged brother is murdered, Tajen discovers that Imperial agents killed him. Betrayed by the Empire he used to serve, Tajen gathers a crew and sets out to finish his brother’s quest—to find the long-lost human homeworld, Earth.

Available at all retail bookstores and online, in Print, Ebook, and Audiobook, from Flame Tree Press.

“Johnston’s debut will keep readers on the edge of their seats as the heroes get themselves into one scrape after another. It has a hint of Battlestar Galactica, but with giant reptilian aliens. Johnston, with skillful plotting and impeccable world building, takes the tale of Tajen and his crew searching for home and shapes it into an unforgettable journey.”

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I’m a part-time Science Fiction and Fantasy writer, and a full-time high school English teacher.

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